, Litchfield Park

, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-23 8:34:45
“I am 84 years old and have gotten into the Hobby 2 years ago. It gets me out of the house and makes me much more healthy than being a couch potato. Walking bending thinking are keeping me healthy. It can be a costly hobby but it can be very low cost to still enjoy the fun of flying. Belonging to a club and working with the Plane companies to make it safer is the American way. Granted there is going to be some people that will mess things up, but because you make a rule won’t stop those people. Clubs can govern members and set safe rules to follow! include the average person in talks and experience the small clubs around the world and see and talk to the people that will be hurt by bad rules. Please talk to us little guys in the trenches! Thanks”