, pryor

, Oklahoma

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 6:45:48
“I fly a drone for the use of farming crop and ranch herd and wildlife magment and with the new rules that that the Faa has want to post would cause me to stop doing what i am doing and stop proving a roof over my head and could lose my place to live. I am working on getting my lic that the faa requires me to get to fly my f class drone that i use to take video and pictures for farmers and ranchers in the state i live in. my idea is that the faa should excempt people who uses there drones for work from having this new id system and or make it were i can turn in the fields or forest that are out in the country or away from people to be exempt of places to fly and not be limited just to fly at a flying field My concerns that i will spend all this money and time and thing and not be able to feed my self and my dog due to the fact this is my job ?¢”