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2020-02-19 4:13:37
“To Team Flight Test, I follow Flight Test regularly and noted your video, reference FAA and regulations. I also note the RC Geek and RC Informer also weighing in. That’s three power houses in the RC industry, which if you all combined force would really make quite the statement. When the US sneezes Australia gets pneumonia. So as you can imagine, the RC community in Australia, is somewhat nervous as to what the outcome will be Stateside. Our version for the FAA, Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) are following a similar path, albeit, our Senate Standing Committee terms of reference to CASA was not to impede the Hobby as the Australian Government noted it was a breeding ground for engineers, pilots and lifelong hobbyists. That said, it would be fair to say, that if the Hobby is adversely effected in the States there’ll be Global ramifications on the model aircraft industry across the world, from Southeast Asia to Europe, the UK and the America’s. You asked for personal stories to share so I’d like to offer mine up as a brother RC pilot from Australia. Albeit I don’t fly in the US, we will be influenced by what happens in the US, so this is as important to Australian RC pilots as it is our US brothers and Sisters. Lieutenant Colonel Chris West (Retd) Storey: I recently retired from the Australian Army in 2014 after 25+ years of service. During my service, I was fortunate to deploy on operations to various places around the world. Most notably, I deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007, where as an Australian Army Major I was embedded with Multi-National Security Transition Command – Coalition Military Assistance Training Team in a US Brigade. My experience in Iraq were deeply personal, enlightening, shocking and bewildering. It’s not possible to sum up such an experience in a paragraph. Suffice to say, I left Iraq a very different person to the one that arrived. After returning to Australia, my life changed dramatically. I divorced, was promoted and re-married. Model aviation for me, was a form of healing and therapy, which brought me back from a dark place. I am grateful to the hobby and to our informal flying club we participate in at our local park on Sundays. It is a great community of like-minded people from all walks of life, all taking the opportunity to enjoy flight and technology. The one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the enormous energy and range of emotions a maiden flight can have on a human: excitement, anxiety, fear, despair, joy, relief, relaxation and of course that moment when it’s all over and your say to yourself…..”Oh…..crap!….I know what I forgot to do”. Thank you Team Flight Test, also to the RC Geek and RC Informer. Great work team.”