, Irvona

, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-19 13:01:46
“Hello my name is Brett Jacobs Ive been in the hobby of fpv for 5 years and remote control ever since I could walk. My father guided me into the hobby loving every moment of it. But when my father passed away in 2010 i lost interest reminding me to much of him but when fpv came out it became everything to me it was my fathers dream to fly and mine also and this new tech gave the feeling of being in the cock pit as if you were flying in the air craft. Every year gave me and others better tech to become better pilots while pushing the tech ourselves i strongly believe that small hobbiest have pushed it even more! Now 5 years in my sons have grown to love it as i pass my knowledge on to them and there dreams to become pilots one day pr pushing the tech in anyway they can.If this passes all our hopes and dreams will be flushed the proposal is garbage how is there any safety problems there hasnt been any deaths anywhere from any hobby air craft I feel that the FAA are being pushed by larger corporations to comply with the ventures into the air to guarantee that citizens wont be able to interfere with the business that there reinvested in further pushing our hobby to not be able to be done. This is an outrageous proposal that only goes one way! This is not in any citizens best interest and we need to put a stop to all of it..thank you for your time and godbless.”