, Rancho Santa Margarita

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 14:49:17
“Been Flying R/C aircraft for 45 years. Sailplanes, GAS, Electric, and Drones. Most/All of my flying is line-of-site and under 400 foot altitude. I don’t believe a REMOTEID would benefit anyone with those restrictions. I have flown in the desert, on dry lake beds. Internet is spotty there. I do feel that remoteID could be beneficial for Extreme FPV and High-Altitude flights. it is my understanding that some RC Races could be affected by the 400 foot rule. The flight plan requirement is ridiculous because in most cases the Source and Destination is the same. I have several advanced Quad copters. As the ability to fly is increased with advanced stability control systems, the operation is getting safer. The RemoteId requirement will not benefit the hobby user, nor make the skys safer from the hobby user like me. Also I believe that flying sites requiring technical equipment to monitor Hobby Style Aircraft is un-necessary. That may require a that each aircraft be registered, cataloged, and the booked into some type of technical database. My interest in Electronics and Aeronautics was hatched due to my Father, and the ability to build and fly model aircraft. Our country is losing it’s technical abilities due to lack of manufacturing, and the continued restriction by Government Regulators. If the child’s experience to aviation is open a box, register their drone and push a button, there will be no reason for them to be curious on how the systems are built, how they can experiment or modify the systems. We believe the FAA is being pressured by the commercial interests that want autonomous drones delivering products and services. If a low cost module can be added to my current aircraft, that transmits GPS Data back to central database, then I don’t have a problem. But to require me to have to pay a data service, file a flight plan and hope I have Internet connection before I fly becomes Draconian. I belong to the Academy of Model Aircraft. This organization champions Millions of users of R/C equipment. They give us guidelines on how to fly safely, but still encourages us to innovate. I believe we need this in our schools and to promote a hobby that can encourage the next generation of innovators. Eric Hvinden Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. AMA Member 721704 UAS Certificate number FA37KHALXT”