, Switzerland

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2020-02-20 0:24:26
“FPV Racing has become a sport of its own, but unfortunately, infrastructure to practice this sport has yet to be created. In the absence of official training grounds, all of us rely on public spaces, uninhabited areas, private properties to train and get better at our discipline. An immense part of this hobby lies in learning the technicity of building one’s own aircraft, which is only made possible because these aircraft are barebones and have limited functionality. It allows to maximize performance, much in the same way one would custom-build a stripped-down racecar. What’s more, the same equipment allows us to not only fly competitively, but also recreationally, to express our artistic views in the discipline known as “freestyle”, create video footage to transcribe the feeling we experience: one of flying like a bird. Although not directly affected by the new regulations, being in a different country, these pose a serious threat to the hobby as a whole, seeing how countries already tend to align on regulations in terms of airspace and drones.”