, North Myrtle Beach

, South Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-25 14:12:03
“Flying fpv multirotor aircraft to me is more than a hobby. It’s a freedom of expression, an art, through part 107 it’s an occupation, but most importantly it’s a lifestyle. A lot of us (more than you know) have taken up fpv as a way of life. It is it’s own culture. It brings people who would normally never meet or have conversation together to form bonds stronger then some have even in their own families. My story started when i met a few local guys flying fpv as a hobby I noticed were posting freestyle videos on facebook and youtube. I contacted them and we began making videos of my favorite hobby at the time dirtbiking. When we combined the two hobbies together we noticed we had made something not many had done at the time and saw great potential in it. Before you knew it I was up late at night studying all the aspects of the r/c hobby to figure out how it all works. Watching the most popular gurus on youtube made you feel somewhat certified enough to get on amazon, racedayquads and other websites alike to purchase the necessary equipment(soldering iron, solder etc) to start building a model that you hoped would eventually take flight. It required you to learn more then just mechanical knowledge of how the multi-rotors worked. You needed to understand voltage & amperes, transmission of frequencies, soldering, physics etc but most importantly safety. You were required to put your mind into this worm hole of knowledge that tested your patience, determination and your creativity. When you came out on the other side and you had your model you were so proud of it. It gives you self confidence, appreciation and respect for everyone else around you in the hobby doing the same thing if not as well then better than you are. We strive for greatness and share ideas pushing each other to reach new limits and boundaries never thought possible. Well with these new regulations imposed on our great lifestyle we call fpv we will have reached many boundaries that prevent us from enjoying our uplifting hobby no matter for recreation or business use. Simply put these proposed regulations by the FAA will result in many of the great people involved in this awesome culture to put down their transmitters once and for all. Imagine you live in an average city where there is on avg 10,000 people per/square mile. Take my city for instance. North myrtle beach, S.C. which is home to around 17,000 people roughly. Imagine i just finished a new multi-rotor build I’ve been tinkering on for weeks. Imagine that multi-rotor isn’t flying perfect which can occur on a new build amongst r/c aircraft designers especially amateur ones. Now imagine i just made some adjustments that i feel will cause it to fly more stable and i need to hover test the model to ensure it fly’s safely. Imagine that instead of stepping outside my home into my back yard and performing that test I instead due to regulations am forced to get into my car and head to the nearest approved FRIA(FAA-recognized identification area). Imagine that FRIA is 40 miles away in Aynor S.C. Yes you heard right. 40 miles one way trip to legally power on my model ua and hover test it to ensure my adjustments made my flying more pleasurable. Now imagine I am returning home and need gas because i just traveled 80miles round trip to test my model. This cannot make sense can it? Well imagine even further that i get annoyed of this traveling distance to my “local FRIA” to fly my model so I decide to install a remote i.d. system to possibly be legally allowed to fly my model aircraft outside my home on my property. Well at that point imagine i need to gain permission from the FAA every time i wish to power up and arm. Imagine the FAA knows my location and can see where I live. imagine i must power on and fly around 10 to 20 times in less than 1hr and the remote i.d. system that adds weight to my aircraft is the cause of it. I believe we can all agree the implementation of these new regulations will hinder my flying capabilities and lower my urge to even want to fly in general. Now imagine that same situation multiplied by all the fpv hobbyist in my city, surrounding areas, and the U.S. These regulations could be the cause of many hobbyist giving up their love for ua models. Now imagine that this doesn’t have to happen. Imagine a simple app being on your smartphone where you can open it up and request a certain airspace for a certain number of minutes or hours depending on your task at hand. Imagine you are safe & responsible with your actions and fly where you have always flown in the past and life continues as normal and no one neither no property is harmed while you do it. Now imagine that same scenario happening times hundreds of thousands of hobbyist around the country and the love for fpv continuing in a way which is positive, innovative and inspiring to others who see the daily progression of what all of us are capable of. Safe fpv. Now imagine that app or some form of similar system doesn’t come into existence. And all those hobbyist are forced to their closest FRIA. Imagine all of those hobbyist radios collecting dust in attics and basements or being sold to individuals overseas. Imagine the companies which sell the radios, goggles, lipos, & components in the U.S. closing their doors, jobs being lost, dreams being destroyed. Now imagine that it could have been prevented. #FPVISNOTACRIME #FIGHTFORFPV”