, Tennessee

, United States

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2020-02-20 17:16:39
“Two years ago a friend introduced my son and I to fpv racing drones. In that time we have built together more than 15 aircraft and learned to fly together, sometimes with our “informal” group from the area. This has ultimately led to him taking the stem path in high school where he is dual-enrolled in mechatronics / robotics, and currently receiving college credit at the sophomore level! If the proposed regulations pass, it would completely shut down his ability To continue on this path to aeronautics he has started. By the way, he has been invited to attend a summer internship at NASA-Goddard in their aeronautics program. The FAA continues to claim they’re doing this in the name of safety, without providing the unbiased third party study required to set said policy. These new regulations are brought on by large corporation Lobbyist who want control of the sky for profit. Making it illegal to fly in your own yard is akin to making it illegal to riding a bicycle in your own driveway in 5e name of “safety”. The hours apon hours of discovery, innovation, and fun I’ve had with my son will soon be lost and for naught if these pass. I am strongly opposed to the proposed rules, and wish for the voice of reason to prevail.”