, Waco

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-21 0:35:39
“I have been flying and building model aircraft for 30 plus years. I have always been fascinated with building something from scratch and then being able to fly it. Its a joy that nothing else has ever bern able to give me. I have a son that him and I have had the most amazing memories by building model aircraft together and we have designed our own planes and have had many fun and competing builds against each other and in doing so pushed each other to our full capabilities and has taught us how to be a good sport and learn from each people. The people in this hobby are all i have and really all i have ever socialized with. This sport or hobby is an expensive one and takes the kind of people that really work hard in life to be able to do this hobby. It has kept me on the good path in life and i try and get everyone i can involved in this hobby. I have never had any accidents or injured any person or property with any of my aircraft or known any of the people I know that fly model aircraft and thats close to 100 people that have had any type accident of this nature. I believe in safety to the fullest and we all have this concept and in doing such an act of being dangerous or careless only hurts us and our pocket books. Like i stated this is an expensive hobby and takes everybit of my extra money i have to do this hobby and like most of us we dont do things to jeopradize our crafts and crash them we like to fly them not crash them. I like to build them not destroy them. This new rule will definately put a stop to the only thing i enjoy in life besides my family and its something we do together.I will not be able to eguipt my aircrafts with any expensive devices and besides the cost aircraft is a complex machine and relues on weight to power ratio to get airborn. So my collection or fleet is built specific and no other devices csn be added to them with out changing other components that will be costly and not accomplishable by my budget. Also if this rule passes and we can no longer build them ourselves and have to buy the model aircraft that is already to fly and only faa approved companies can sell them then they will make them so expensive that i wouldnt be able to even fly them. I know there are rules that need to be set and laws that need to be followed but i think there can be another way to accomplish this task. Like a small device we can put on our drones such as a bluetooh device the size of well that thing called the tile where you lose your keys you can open an app and find them if in the range to so but keep our identity private but be able to contact us if needed with some sort of encryption for authorizes personnel only and not the general public . Not for some drone haters to come and harass or possible threaten us because i have the right to protect myself in this country and i am liscensed to do so in a way that the constitution of United States gives me. And one reason i am able to to that is because i am a law abiding citizen and like i said this hobby has made that possible with the people i associate myself with are all law abiding citizens. But i really feel that if these rules do go into affect i may have to break a few laws for a change. And i would hate to do that because i dont even break the speed limit when i drive my car. But i love this hobby and its the only thing in my life that i do like. And i believe if it gets me a fine or even prison time im still going to continue doing what i love and makes me happy in the safe and responsible way that i have done in the past 30 yrs. Im gonna have to take that risk im sorry but thats what will happen. So please consider a better and cheaper way to do what you all are wanting to achieve with this. I dont believe i am the only one that feels this way and all i can say is we can all get along with this decision and make both sides of this work if we just work together. Thank you for your time in reading my comment and please take in consideration my feelings and passion i have for this hobby and i am all for saftey and understand the reason this is a concern and there is an more feasible way to do it so lets work together as a community and give us chance to help find trhat solution before just forcing us all to give up something we love to do. Thank you , Chris Norris”