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2020-02-21 1:56:43
“I am a motor glider and sailplane Pilot and also love to fly RC models. I love to introduce my kids into flying, building and problem solving. I.connect with people via the Hobby and have seen a lot of people using RC modeling as a step to make flying an career. In my full size glider flying club there are two that started with RC modeling and now are commercial pilots. Several of my club mates used RC modeling to become Engineers RC Modeling has a long history of being safe even if performed outside MAA fields. The proposed rules for RC aircraft are far to strict. By implementing them RC modeling including drone flying as a hobby would would disappear. Remote ID is fine, but requiring it for all aircraft including homemade rc models would hinder to pursue the safe hobby. There should be exemptions for flying without cellphone coverage or GPS-Tracks for homemade model aircraft or special cinema drones. Also small companies will not be able to bring innovative technologies to the market if you require to use FAA certified aircrafts only. As you can see, the development of the drone technology is strongly pushed by the hobbyists not by larger tech companies. Also by your proposal the MAA fields would slowly disappear. Why would you want to do that?”