, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-21 8:20:05
“RC Aircraft is my main hobby and I am a member of AMA and attempt to follow all there rules for safe flight. I believe anyone that flies anything should have that much restriction. I am not concerned too much with the ultra light foamies (less than 5 ounces or so) as they present no real safety concern no matter where they are flown. I am also a licensed Private Pilot and own and fly a Cessna and a few ultralights. These FPV guys that think they should have no rules and no restrictions on their flights are your real issue. These are a danger to General Aviation guys like me who have paid their dues through training, licensing, insurance and legal purchase and operation of GA aircraft. We have an airspace and everyone else should honor this or be arrested. FPV guys should be regulated and made to follow regs. If you want to track there flights and locations I would say that is warranted to protect everyone else INCLUDING the AMA following RC guys!!! If you fly something that can cause harm or damage and/or can go out of your range of vision then you should be regulated. AMA covers this for normal RC flight at approved sites. Check these operations for compliance and leave them alone. Get the guys that are out of control and go to Walmart and get into the hobby cheap, uninformed and dangerous to everyone else’s professional hobby experience.”