, Krum

, Texas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-21 11:05:13
“My grandpa introduced me to fpv flying/water/ground in 2013. (Grandpa is a retired naval pilot then teacher.) We spent weeks building and designing a balsa wood plane. I have enjoyed passing the passion for designing building and most importantly piloting the custom designed craft to my daughter, and want to pass it on to my son. He loves to pilot ground and water crafts. The lessons I have learned from creating my own designs. Aerodynamics, electronic circuitry, computer coding, how to deal with failures in a healthy way, the will to keep moving forward. All the extra regulations and rules proposed are way over the top. Regulation is needed but loosing the ability to repair my own crafts? That’s unnecessary and allows for a handful of hand chosen distributors to monopolize the hobby. The main reason I love this hobby is because I can learn, design and build and pilot my own crafts. Loosing these abilities would make this hobby less attractive for beginners.”