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2020-02-22 9:28:02
“I’ve been flying R/C, continuously, since 1971. In 1975, I married my wife; she learned to fly R/C in 1976 and has been an active flier since then. I was in the USAF 1975-1994; during that time, we flew with clubs across the Continental US, Alaska, and Germany, making many friends along the way. I started designing and building my own models in 1983 and have been an active designer/builder since then (some of my designs have been published in US and UK magazines, leading to making more friendships in the US and overseas). Attached is a cover shot (taken by my wife) of one of my designs, when it was published in a UK model magazine. I understand R/C can (and has) been used by terrorists and criminals, so I understand the need to control long-distance flight, especially FPV. I do not agree that line-of-sight models need to be under the controls described in the NPRM.”