, Gladstone

, Oregon

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 12:39:05
“Flying is a way I can encourage and connect with my Grandkids. I can’t run a play sports at my age but flying gives us ( my Grandkids and myself ) an equal footing to learn something of interest together. We build together and fly ( well a lot of crashing is done and a lot of rebuilding). I am retired and have a fixed income. I have bought most of the equipment for the grandkids to use. (4 transmitters+ 5 planes). We fly at a sports field located in our community when it is not used for sports. This hobby is expensive enough in buying and repairing equipment and I could not afford a major increase! The time and money spent has increased the interest of my 3 grandsons in science, mechanics, electronics in a hands on way that nothing else could do. I would rather see “no fly zones” set up around airports and general aviation and sensitive areas ( Military..etc..) for hobbist like myself (and hopefully grandsons). Restrictions could be put on weight and altitude .. that alone would limit distance. But I would like to see the Skys Free for the people who actually own the Skys.. In my experience ( limited as it is) I have found most hobbist to be helpful, well informed about the nature of their equipment and skilled beyond what most could imagine. I hope to one day attain to the standards I have seen exercised by others.”