, Wichita

, Kansas

, United States

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2020-02-22 12:55:48
“I’ve been building and flying for over 30 years. My father and other family members flew before me. I have planes handed down from the man that taught me to fly. I’ve always flown fixed wing, line of sight airplanes. In 30 years of flying, at public fields, club and private fields, we’ve never had safety issues. Because of regulations? No, because of common sense. Frankly put, we didn’t need the FAA then, and we dont need you now. I understand the safety issues that Fpv has created and agree that they need some guidelines. But us line of sight flyers dont need or want electronic id or anything else. We line of sight flyers, collectively, have flown without incident for over 80 years. Again, we dont need electronic I’d and field restrictions, and we dont want them. Thank you for your time and attention.”