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2020-02-22 15:29:27
“Flying has always been fun, relaxing and educational. I am very proud of what aviation and model aviation has done and what it continues to do for our country and our society. From the first plane built and flown, all the way to what RC testing has done for NASA and the Space Shuttle. Transporting the space shuttle piggyback on a 747 jetliner was first thought of and tested by an RC enthusiast. How exciting is that? The actual RC models used for this event are on display at NASA in Houston. I was quite proud when I seen this while on vacation a few years ago. This is why I actually love and enjoy scratch building. I love the delta wing design. I must have built and tested at least 25 of my own delta wing designs over the last five years alone. In fact this all started with the Flite Test scratch build Delta. I love experimenting with delta wings of all types. I love prop jets and ducted fan and I have many of both, scratch built and BNF. This is my passion. I always imagine the possibilities of accidentally inventing some new design, one that may go on to change the history of flight in commercial flying, military applications, or perhaps both. All great ideas came from somewhere, from someone, at sometime throughout history. I have always been addicted to the innovation of flight in both air and space. If we crush such possibilities for such dreams by over regulating a sport such as RC flying that has been a safe operating safely for so long, then we might not only be killing a very loved sport, but we will also be affecting the economy, the future innovation of flight and education, as well as affecting many people, many jobs and many lucrative companies. We truly need to think about what we are doing here. We need to be careful that we’re not setting ourselves up for more harm than good. I personally feel that we are allowing big business far too much control over our government offices. It should be for the people, by the people. Times are changing and it’s not good. Big business is getting too powerful thereby causing the people to lose power.”