, hermiston

, Oregon

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 16:57:17
“I like to study everything. memorize, understand, assimilate info. I have studied the info involved in this field and many others like it. The concerns being raised in this issue are over-inflated by people with a lack of understanding. overimaginitive people who think these drones can perform magic are concerned about drones invading their homes and daily lives and make privacy a thing of the past. any kid can pick up drone flying in a matter of weeks and can quickly become proficient in a matter of months that does not make it something to fear. computers were seen in such a way once upon a time. we use drones in the military and are making them a part of daily lives by miniaturizing and adapting old technology to be used with drones. The technology is out there and it will continue to improve. limiting access to it will stunt the growth of our nation in the innovation of the field. I want a future where children use drones freely so that when they become adults they have the knowledge to make what they imagine they could do as children into a reality. I want skilled drone pilots piloting our unmanned drones not risking lives. I want those drones to be the best that our brightest could imagine. let us not continue to lag behind China when it comes to technology integration. the patent office does a fine job at limiting us but not them. why would we force another limitation on our selves? when computers became commonplace smart children got up to mischief as they quickly became experts in the field of programming. anyone up to anything illegal was eventually caught and prosecuted. and their techniques were dismantled and reverse-engineered and new better systems were put into place to prevent it from happening again. those same children would grow up and be the very people we depend upon to make our systems better and programs safer. my point is this. if you fear something bad may happen because of a child with a drone, then it would have eventually happened anyway. I would rather an inexperienced American child with a drone take down every government system today and learn from it, instead of waiting five years from now for a forein government with an agenda to do it.”