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2020-02-22 20:16:13
“Well I got into fpv Aug 2018. I’m a auto technician i have been for12 years) I fly FPV the rush and I like building things I have never had a hobby that I was so into!! I have always been into RC stuff cars at first and I like to know how things work honestly I should have took up engineering lol but I suck at math.fpv is a thrill once you get the hang of it. It was quite hard a first but I was determine to learn .my first quadcopter build took up my entire day trying to figure things setting up ecs motor direction, receiver channels,modes, switches etc. So I found a guy on YouTube his name is jousha bardwell THEFPVKNOWITALL. watching his videos guy me in the air in no time. This what he does for a living. Good man. I don’t get fly much because I get late and its already dark and I have a 8 month old son. So I fly when I have a time which is not much i am really still a newbie but I pick things quick. The remote Id proposal smh it sucks guys I dont get to fly much and now have buy special gear and pay for a cellular plan.i dont make any money flying I do it for fun. I just got into the hobby dont take it away already jeez.”