, Massachusetts

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2020-02-22 20:29:45
“Flying to me is a time to spend time with my kids away from tv and internet to enjoy the outdoors and teach them about flight. It’s a passion of mine and to pass that on the enjoyment of the first successful take off and landing is such a thrill and to see that my kids can accomplish it is such a confidence booster. The physics and asking how it works is also such an important part because reading about it and actually flying a model plane connects the two unlike anything else. We fly mostly at our local schools large baseball and soccer fields during off times. To require more restrictions and additional equipment would be a hinder to the joy of just going out and having fun. I do agree with some regulation over some types of aircraft depending on size and height flown especially in heavy aircraft areas but to make a blanket law that doesn’t take into effect hobbyists that fly smaller aircraft in small places responsibly. As long as the local governing body of the field where you fly is accepting then I think that in itself is all the jurisdiction you would need. However in a large club that flies a lot of planes maybe should have communication that the airspace is occupied up to a certain flight deck level or gps barrier so no planes go into unzoned areas. I do think that existing planes flown in a responsible manner with line of sight and a height under 400ft should be allowed but as newer technology is incorporated into planes and devices transmitters the cost should be brought down due to demand. Also the experimental type would use these parts so they would also be in compliance with newer type aircraft maybe if they were of a certain size. Either way the heart of this matter is that this hobby still have its freedom to go out and enjoy flying and the future generations to have that same freedom we have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy.”