, New York

, United States

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2020-02-22 13:35:52
“Nearly a lifelong hobby. Lived by an airport and figured out I could build models. Model-building and flying lead to my Masters in engineering. Model-building and flying lead to my attain Private Pilot rating. Planes are part of my DNA because of early days 6, 7 years old playing with balsa, tissue, glue, engines, fuel, radio equipment. Model planes led to dexterity and finesse, a sense of kinetics – mass and movement. History is a major part of the interest, why else visit Kill Devil Hills, NC??? Much fun, camaraderie, education, nostalgia, history. With it comes responsibility for safety – every flyer signs up to be safe. We can self-police with the juggernaut CBO who should have been front and center and is obviously plowed under. It is my go-to passtime, and FAA looks like they are plowing over great joy, history, fellowship, education, family activity – for what actual outcomes? They know people hate them, they don’t care. Who will stop this runaway train?”