What do I need to establish a FRIA (FAA Recognized Identification Area) for my flying location?

Now the answer to this may change in the future due to a current inquiry we have with the FAA as described in the recent FTCA Update of 1.5.23. But as of right now, the checklist below will need to be fulfilled for your application to be submitted.

FTCA FRIA Requirements

FTCA Membership required

The first thing you are going to need is a paid membership with the FTCA. This ensures the process of accountability we are required to have from the FAA. This paid membership is the Aircrew membership, nothing extra. The paid membership is required for the individual that is going to oversee the FRIA. We do not require everyone flying at the FRIA be a paid member, that is up to the group’s decision, but we would encourage any support of the FTCA that we can receive. 

FAA FRIA Application Checklist
• Application Title
CBO or Educational Institution
   o CBO
• Authorized Representative
   o Must be verified**
       This is verified by contact the FTCA with all the need information
• Primary Point of Contact (PPOC)
   o First name
   o Last name
   o Email
   o Phone
   o PPOC Physical address
          Mailing address if different
• Physical address of proposed FRIA
   o Directions if off the road
• Location of Proposed FRIA
   o Latitude and Longitude
   o Boundary type
       Circle
         • Radius
       Polygon
         • Vertex 1,2,3 (Boundaries)
            o Latitude and Longitude
• Airspace Authorizations or Letter of Agreement if needed
• Overlap Fixed Sites
   o Does the proposed FRIA overlap: Fixed site, Proposed fixed site, No
• Description of purpose and need
   o This is very important and must be detailed, yet brief (limit 500 characters)
• Average number of flights per week
• Average length of time per flight
• Type of aircraft (electric, gas, turbine)
   o Fixed wing
   o Helicopter
   o Multi-copter
• Dawn and/or dusk operation (yes or no)
• Night operation (yes or no)

Submit FRIA Checklist Form

Once you have all this information above, click the button below and fill out the form so we can verify your status in order to proceed with applying for your FRIA. If you have any questions, you can contact us through the support desk, https://ftca.flitetest.com/contact/.