FTCA Description

What is the FTCA?

The FTCA is a community that was inspired by the positive attitudes of hobby enthusiasts that rallied around an innovative idea to make the hobby accessible and inviting. It is designed to be the hub where the people of the model aviation community can rally together to promote the future of model aviation. Our vision is simple, we want to bring hope for the future of the hobby. That is why our motto is “Bringing Hope to the Hobby.” Our plan for accomplishing and maintaining this monumental task is by providing the community with the necessary tools and resources for success. 

What is an FTCA member?

An enthusiast of the model aviation community who willingly identifies with and promotes FTCA’s mission for the hobby.

Why become a member?

As a member of the FTCA you are provided with the opportunity to receive exclusive benefits and offers that are not offered to anyone else. These benefits are continuously expanding and evolving, and will be even more extensive in the future. Each class of membership includes rewards that are unlocked depending on the individual’s participation in the hobby.

But as great as the benefits are, the greatest reward that you can receive is being an official member of a community that cares for and promotes the model aviation hobby with a passion that is unmatched. The passion for community that began many years ago with a small group of enthusiasts has grown to a movement within the hobby community that cannot be denied. It is the objective of the FTCA to embrace the community that already identifies together and represent it in the various venues that the hobby and government present. Having a voice that is stronger together will provide the recognition that recreational hobbyists deserve. As we come together in a recognized community we will be able to accomplish more together to bring more hope to a hobby that we all love.

What are the current rewards offered to FTCA members?

Each month the member will receive a membership class specific email with the monthly rewards included. The range of rewards will vary depending on the upcoming events, challenges and/or activities identified by the FTCA. The yearly membership benefits and rewards will far outweigh the membership fees paid by the member.