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2020-02-16 15:57:46
“I am not a person that expresses myself very well. But Aviation has been part of my entire life. (And it is not because I’ve ever had a mentor. I learned most of what I know from seeking it out.) And what is really weird is that when I get a chance to fly, I get airsick. But I love remote flying. I’ve tried and loved everything. From grocery store balsa gliders, to balloons, kites, rockets, to the latest DJI craft. I don’t know how to express what that has done for me. That love made me read countless books and magazines about planes. I found math and science easy in school because there are so many aspects that mirror each other. I pursued Avionics in College, while that did not lead into aviation, I am now flying Drones for Inspecting Radio Towers for the Arizona Department of Public Safety. When I found Flite Test on YouTube a number of years ago. It was amazing to see Josh and Friends able to show that same love that I had growing up. I have even built a few of the foam board projects with my own kids. I am very concerned about the FAA Remote ID Rule. I’ve now read and researched the document and I find that the greatest flaw was that it is not written by anyone that cared about the general public. It was all crafted by people that receive the greatest benefits, the Commercial sector. Sections on Serial Numbers, Service suppliers and FRIA fields. That is not about or for the greatest number of flyers out there, the common people. The rules should be as simple as they used to be. While there have been incidents. They have been completely taken out of context in relation to the hobby (I don’t want to say hobby but everyone including 107). And those events becomes even less significant if you compare it to most other activities in life. (Driving, biking, or Camping) The rule making claims that it will benefit Law enforcement. (Rant about third party USS data gathering Deleted) I don’t believe anything that the FAA has purposed will change the rate or outcomes of any events they listed. There are already laws for every circumstance they listed. I’ve done everything that has been asked of me. I and my craft are registered. I have a Part 107 license. I carry insurance on all my craft. And that still isn’t enough for the FAA. I am trying to do what is asked of me and what is right. I don’t have a better solution. (Mostly because the problem is of their own making.) I tried to instill my love of the hobby into my kids. But ultimately they became their own persons. I still love flying and still seek out ways to keep up. But I never expected the FAA to become this, I don’t know, hostile, blinded or ignorant to the people that it is supposed to serve.”