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2020-02-16 15:52:34
“While I can sympathize with the FAA’s need to keep long range UAS from flying where they shouldn’t for public safety, there is no need to punish the entire community with overly broad and restrictive regulations. Anytime my MultiGP club (FPV drone racing – meets for either practice or an event, we set up an obstacle coarse with a flight line. We take up a field of maybe 400-600 sq ft. We pose no safety risk to the general public or aviation. We have multiple spotters, the FPV pilots fly close the the ground (less then 50ft), and we are in a remote location, sometimes private property or a park. We are a diverse group. Some are middle aged guys like me, but most are younger, even high school or college age. Some of they pilots are even good enough to compete nationally. There is a lot of passion and enthusiasm for this sport, however I am very concerned that the new regulations could kill it. The younger pilots especially have very limited budgets. Extra gear or memberships will be tough on them. These drones don’t have wifi or GPS. Were will we fly? Many AMA fields do not allow drone racing, nor do many of our members have the budget for membership and field dues even if they did. ### Please don’t create a ‘one size fits all’ solution that is to the detriment of many valid and safe UAS hobby applications like drone racing. I think an online test is not a bad idea. An app requesting flight permission for registered pilots at a certain time and place would also be of minimal impact. Requiring constant internet connectivity and auto land features outside a 400′ bubble is an issue. This grounds my entire fleet of 10+ UAS.”