, Martinsville

, Indiana

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-16 16:10:42
“I entered the hobby eight years ago with my grandson. We joined the local club and AMA and were helped with knowledge and training to fly by club members. Since then my grandson has lost interest in flying model aircraft, but I have become very involved in the hobby including becoming Secretary of my club, the Monroe County Radio Control Club of Bloomington/Martinsville, Indiana. We fly at our club field in Bloomington in addition to a private field owned by our club president in Martinsville. During the summer we also fly off of Lake Edgewood here in Martinsville. I live on Lake Edgewood and our club pilots in addition to the residents around the lake enjoy the float flying. The regulations, as proposed, will impose unrealistic, costly, and ineffective constraints on our hobby. They will eventually destroy the RC industry and eliminate the hobby altogether. People have been flying model aircraft in the national airspace for over 80 years with an excellent safety record. To say the regulations are for safety and national security is absurd. I will admit that some “drones” that can fly beyond line of sight or are autonomous should be regulated for the reasons listed by the FAA, as these types of sUAV’s can be used for nefarious purposes. However, traditional model aviation (those designed to fly line of sight only) should not be included under this NPRM. Again, we have been flying these types of RC Models for over 80 years with an impeccable safety record. To lump all types of sUAV’s together is ludicrous. Also the restriction to only allow FRIA’s by community based organizations is overbearing. Thousands of us fly in our back yards in rural areas where there is no chance of coming in contact with manned aircraft. Lots of these rural areas have limited or no wireless/internet access. The proposal to limit approval of these FRIA’s to 12 months is also unrealistic. Clubs and individuals regularly lose access to flying sites for various reasons and to not allow additional approved flying sites will eventually cause a large segment of the Model Aircraft community to become “outlaw” hobbyists. Also, anyone that believes people with bad intentions will comply with these proposed regulations is living in a dream world. Criminals who commit gun crimes do not go through the gun registration process, and anyone using a sUAS will not comply with the proposed rules either. Finally, the proposed rules will prevent many educational opportunities currently available from continuing. This will have a severe impact on STEM educations and potentially put our country behind others because of the lack of STEM opportunities to learn.”