William Corey


, grass lake

, Michigan

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 16:31:23
“Flight test has been very inspirational to me and gave me the drive to make the jump from rc cars to flight. many of the things i enjoyed from grond rc vehicles were developed from rc planes and are the backbone to the rest of the rc hobby if these new regulations were to go into place it would not only negatively affect the model plane hobbyists it would trickle down to the ground vehicles as well. This would stunt the growth of technologies and hurt the manufacturers of the aircraft many of which also produce ground rc vehicles, essentially running an entire economy, lifestyle and past time for millions of americans. There should most definitely be exemptions for most of the aircraft we as hobbyists enjoy from remote ids. Also exemptions for flying in areas where commercial craft would not or cannot go, like near trees large buildings etc. Further exemptions for fpv racing events, flying fields, and quad rotors not designed or equipped in any way for autonomous or beyond line of sight operations. A huge part of this hobby is getting to build test and tune your own aircraft and hand select your components as each person sees fit. while many start with a pre built craft its only the beginning, most move on to building their own or improving that craft as they need to maintain, repair, or replace parts. restricting these things would not only create undue expense for manufacturers and the hobbyist it would kill availability of the parts for repairs or upgrades. These new regulations would not make the airspace safer from those that wish to do harm as they do not obey laws or care about safety if there intent is to do harm. The new regulations would only hurt those who love this hobby, love to enjoy it safely and share it with friends and family.”