, Germany

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2020-02-14 16:36:27
“I wish I had RC aircraft as a child but came to the hobby in my late 40’s when I saw breathtaking aerial photography. I bought a GPS enabled camera drone but shortly after discovered FPV racing drones. Since then I’ve become an avid FPV drone pilot and built myself more than a dozen FPV drones, from 30g micro drones to 700g freestyle drones. I mostly fly at places where I rarely see anyone else like open fields with some trees or abandoned industry buildings. I have my list of spots I know are not nature reserves or control zones and when I pick a new spot I make sure it isn’t either. Flying FPV has become a hobby that really helps me to unwind and spend relaxing time with friends outdoors. As a European I am not directly affected by the FAA’s proposal but I as a politically interested person I can only wonder how far this initiative reaches into people´s lifes and how little the FAA has attempted to prove the necessity for this. I think that in a free country hobbyists should not have to fight to continue doing what they have done for decades in an exceptionally safe and responsible way. The FAA should provide much more substential proof that a) there is severe problem that needs to be addressed and b) the suggested legislation is suitable to solve that problem before encroaching on people’s freedom to enjoy their hobby.”