, Norman

, Oklahoma

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 16:27:34
“I’ve been an RC hobbyist since I was a kid, I’m now 28 years old and I had no legal issues what so ever. I’m originally from Paraguay, I came to the US in 2017 for studies. I fly various type of aircraft, but my main recreational aircraft is the aerobatic helicopter which I brought to the US. I’m a very thoughtful person and decided to follow the hobby rules at that time and became a member of the AMA, registered my feet to the FAA and joined nearby RC clubs. So far, I am a happy flier who is also sharing a bunch of fun time with people in the same field. From a professional point of view, the main reason I came to the US is to get a doctoral degree in Engineering on atmospheric sampling using drones. I work for the Center for Autonomous Sensing and Sampling at the University of Oklahoma, my main task is to design, develop and fly custom drones for weather application. The CopterSonde is the solution I came up with and it’s on its way to make a big impact in the community of meteorologists. My team and I published a bunch of papers about it which their links are as follows: CopterSonde, Case sudies and some science. Since the drone must fly above 400ft to collect representative data from the atmosphere, we are extremely cautious with the flights. All of our drones are insured and each of them goes through rigorous airworthiness supervised by the Aerospace department from the university. In addition, we have special permission from the FAA to fly at specific sites inside a planned geofence, permissions known as COAs. So as you can see, for me flying drones is not only for but it is also my work. I’ve been extremely worried about my future since the FAA came up with this new rulemaking. Hope this all helps with the FAA relaxing the rules. Thank you Flite Test for the unconditional support!! My team and I appreciate you all!”