, Austin

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-18 13:11:30
“I am a veteran USAF helicopter instructor pilot, and current experimental test pilot in the unmanned and optionally manned aircraft space where I fly experimental group 3 UAS BVLOS and am now working with semi autonomous optionally manned aircraft. As a hobbiest, I own planes and multicopter and fly LOS and FPV. When I left the military to break into UAS I was astounded to find how many folks started in the industry not as manned pilots, but from an RC background. I think it is un-American to place safety before freedom. I think it is un-American to hoist the burden of safety onto amatures. If safety represents a commercial value to manned pilots (which it does) then they should bear the cost of it. If safety represents a financial burden to commerical operators, then they should bear the burden of it. And where amatures choose to operate in a way where safety may be an issue then they should bear that burden. I believe that RC flight is invaluable for the opportunity it represents for encouraging STEAM education. I myself have learned an incredible amount since entering this field both as a professional and as a hobbiest.”