, Temecula

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 19:30:40
“Flying has been my dream since I was very young. This dream was entirely our of reach until I was able to find a college flight program that was covered by the G.I. Bill. Sadly flying manned aircraft is extremely expensive and is entirely beyond my financial reach. As such I was unable to continue flying once my schooling was complete. Model Aviation, First Person View (FPV) multi-rotors particularly, provide me with an alternative that is within my reach. That is unless RID is put into effect as the current NPRM is written. Flying FPV is not simply a fun activity to participate in on the weekends. It is not only therapeutic, but allows me to develop technical skills, as well affording me a way of social interaction. I am a United States Marine (Fmr) that deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Thankfully my military service was mild compared to the dozens of other veteran sUAS pilot’s stories I have heard. Still, I suffer from increased stress and anxiety, and flying FPV is absolutely more effective than medication. This includes the process of building from hand picked individual parts, installing software, and programming my model aircraft. None of my multi-rotor models have any autonomous capabilities and must be hand flown the entire time. The current NPRM would completely dismantle the ability to build my own models, making flying instantly financially out of my financial reach. I fly primarily over my parents 20 acres in the Temecula wine country. The current NPRM prevent me from flying on my own private property. A place where I am not bothering anyone, let alone posing a potential danger to anyone. In fact, the only real danger are the manned aviators that break the altitude/clearance regulations (14 CFR Part 91.119) daily over my home. Several times a day, air craft of various types and sizes, fly well within the minimum 500 foot clearance restriction. Frankly, in my experience, manned aviators are much more dangerous. This is also statistically proven. The current NPRM is nothing but a corporate bought drastic Government overreach.”