, Melrose

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 19:30:25
“I fly on my own property, 1.5 acres wooded lot in a rural area. I fly small quadcopters (3 to 5 inch) fpv with 7 inch lcd, twisted hobbies crak yak flat fomie, night vapor, 2 meter wing span sky surfer fpv, and a few other eflight planes. Also a few creations that my kids and I have built from canalized planes. All of these excluding the sky surfer are flown withing the bounds of my own property between the altitudes of 0 and 25 feet. Literally the space my kids play in or I might plant a tree, build a structure or erect a fence. While i agree that something needs to be done in some areas for instance where you have people flying to high or to far non line of sight witch could present a hazard for other aircraft (although there are current regulations in place regarding this that are not being followed). I feel that the FAA is really overstepping there bounds by trying to lay claim to the air space in the lower altitudes of my own private property. I certainly would not want commercial aircraft flying in that space in my yard. If there are no commercial aircraft in that space, that space that should be ours, than there is no safety issue. To me its a matter of private property. Have a look at US vs Cosby were the supreme court ruled that as a property owner you do not own indefinitely upward above your property but you are entitled to a reasonable amount of space above your land. I would really like to still be able to modify a glider with my kids, walk out into my yard and test fly it and head back in to modify again. Its iterative process that teaches them the fundamentals of flight that would be illegal under the current plan. As an american it would be a shame to lose this freedom. And for what, so an amazon drone can deliver packages to my yard?”