, California

, United States

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2020-02-13 19:31:09
“I live in the middle of the Mojave desert, most of the time when we fly out here there isn’t anyone else around. now i can step out my back door, take off and i’m flying over empty desert which impacts no one, if this bogus proposal gets passed , flying out in the empty desert will have to be done illegally as there is no infrastructure available to meet any of the requirements they are purposing. internet in the middle of death valley, yeah right, there are people who regularly get lost and die out here because they couldn’t even get a cell phone signal, so how are we supposed to broadcast a signal to someone out here. look on internet for exposure deaths in death valley and mojave desert, take that info with you…. the recreational piloting of models both ground and air is my right as long as it is done responsibly and safely which i have been doing off and on for more the 40 years. this whole proposal is just another example of a financially motivated government using fictitious sensationalism to mask the fact from the public that the laws and regulations they are trying to institute is really being done at the behest of large corporate interest who see the hobbyist as being in their way and an impediment to their potential financial gain. if the government were really of the people and for the people they would institute laws and regulations that harshly penalize the bad actors while leaving the rest of us alone.”