, Evansville

, Indiana

, United States

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2020-02-15 15:50:31
“I’ve been in the R/C model aircraft hobby for almost 40 years and and a instructor for new members of 30. If this rule passes as written I will destroy a hobby that millions of persons, young and old enjoy. I help new persons every time I’m at my field and get to see on their faces when they accomplish new things when they are flying. In the club I’m in there a several multi family members involved. My son-in-law and grandsons are also involved in the hobby. Model aviation has always been in the forefront of new ideas in aviation. NASA engineers that were trying to figure out on how to carry the space shuttle across the country built a R/C model 747 and space shuttle to figure out and test the carry/release system in model form before committing it to the full size. And yes, those NASA engineers were R/C model hobbyists. You can see these R/C planes are now on display in the AMA museum in Indiana. The first R/C planes that were modified to carry cameras to keep track of military and civilian activities were took from “off the shelf” R/C model aircraft and the radios we use in the hobby. These planes are now referred in the hobby as FPV or First Pilot View. FPV is a fascinating way to fly an R/C model aircraft.”