, Pierre

, South Dakota

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-15 15:51:45
“I live in a small city of 14,000 people. The nearest town is an hour away, it has 400 people. The closest city is 2.5 hours one way (with an AMA field), it has 49,000 people. No cell coverage between each town/city. I fly off of the Missouri River outside city limits and a small park (the only place around). My small city is five miles from end to end. The airport is in the middle 2.5 miles from any location so when I fly I can only fly at or below 100ft. I fly under LAANC rules and request authorization every time I fly. I am the only RC pilot in my small city. LAANC rules are just the right amount of freedom, flying responsibly and accountability. Under the proposed FAA rules, if they go into affect as currently written will mean I will have to pick another hobby.”