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2020-02-22 16:07:58
“This is just a copy of the comment that was sent to the faa Hi Faa, I am a hobbyist that flies both a drone and fixed-wing model aircraft. The fixed-wing I fly the most is a fly zone sensei. It is a high wing trainer with gyro stabilization. I also fly what is called the pizza box plane from Flight Test. It is a home built flying wing made from a cardboard pizza box that I can fly in my local park. I don’t think this plane, in particular, could carry anything else because of its size. When I’m not at my local park, I fly I am at the flying field in Valley forge Pa.in It is in the middle of a clear without access to the internet. With the proposed ruling as it stands, I would not be able to fly my plane because I would not be able to have it connected to the internet at all times. If this system is going to be put into place I think that it should be using some sort of radio identification that is able to be used anywhere instead of an internet-based system that won’t be able to be used by both fixed-wing aircraft pilots and some drone operators as well. Not only that but the cost is also a huge concern for me. Getting into the hobby was expensive to begin with and I don’t think I would be able to even purchase a system for $50 each to go on every one of my aircraft. As a younger hobbyist I don’t want this rule to affect the way I fly for the rest of my life, So please take the community of hobbyists into consideration before passing this bill. Sincerely, Ryan Comisky”