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2020-02-21 0:14:02
“I live in a rural area and my flying is done at my home(quads) and on a 2-mile square dry lakebed (fixed-wing) when time and weather permit. I enjoy soaring, because it’s very relaxing and if groups of off-roaders, hikers are in the area I’m flying at I usually don’t fly over/around them and wait for another opportunity because it tends(for me) to break up that “relaxation” time if I may have to divide my attention between flying and keeping watch for the odd dirt-biker or dune buggy enthusiast that may drive over the hill behind me or onto the lakebed so I usually don’t fly if the lakebed is full of weekenders, but I have been out on the lakebed and found others who come out to play and fly and since this dry lake is an ideal spot for hobbyists to enjoy this sport I hope that these new regs don’t kill off the hobby by chasing out folks like these weekenders who think they’ve found the ideal spot away from the city to enjoy time with their families and hopefully bring their kids into the hobby too. On the Remote ID subject, I don’t think I personally would like anyone with a cellphone to know my personal wherebouts or what I’m doing in my private life or my location if I’m flying my small quad at home in my backyard (currently have no neighbors within 1/4 mile of me, as I said it’s really rural out here) , and I just think that would beg for “gatecrashers” who aren’t into the hobby and just want to harass me because “they just want to”…. Thank You for speaking up for all of us in Washington and I hope I’ve not taken up a lot time with my rambling, but these are my thoughts on the subject.”