, Maryland

, United States

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2020-02-21 0:13:05
“I have been flying all types of rc aircraft for 46 years. The educational value of building and designing of rc aircraft of all types cannot be understated. In those 46 years I have learned to build planes from scratch as well as kits. In doing so I have learned to fabricate metals , fiberglass, wood and carbon fiber materials. I have also learned to fabricate electronics from designing my own boards and soldering componates to those boards and to build and program rc quadcopters. In fact my life long hobby taught me the love of aeronautics and engineering which lead me to my career as a Network Engineer. I truly feel that if such strong restrictions are set in place it will destroy our hobby, not everyone lives near a sanctioned field to have easy access to fly, I know I do not. Also most air fields do not allow multirotor aircraft to fly at thier fields, where are the multirotor pilots supposted to fly if these regulations take place. RC enthusiast should be allowed to fly at a ceiling of 600 feet and unrestricted distance from the pilot. We as pilots know what is a safe distance for our planes and multirotors as well what is personally safe for our own abilities to control our aircraft. Please do not take my life long hobby from me, it has provided countless hours of learning and enjoyment to so many people in our hobbby.”