, Canada

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2020-02-21 0:15:42
“Robert Alexander Fleet ( HomeGrownCanadian ) I live in Toronto Ontario, downtown, there would be zero areas for me to fly with these new regulations. I am 45, mature and am always safe. The response I get from the general public, the hundreds of people I have put in my passenger googles to share this out of body experience with is only positive. If there is anything we can do to help with safety awesome, count me in. Saying that, all my quad copters are around 350 grams, to me they are very small but under the new proposed laws they would not be considered the toys they are. I first got into FPV after I destroyed my leg and could no longer walk for a year. With out it, I was in the darkest place you can go and thinking about calling it quits. Now, almost three years later I have gone back and finished college, improved my life in all areas in large part to do with this amazingly supportive community and have a great out look despite my limitations on the ground, cause I can do anything I want in the air lol…. I truly hope we can all see the whole picture, the huge companies who DO NOT OWN the air above me, but very much have a right to keep it safe and functioning, to us the pilots who have to do what we can to make this as safe as possible for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to hear from us, and I look forward to sharing beautiful skies with you for the rest of my life ;)”