R. Scott


, West Richlnd

, Washington

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-15 1:49:38
“Model aircraft are part of the fabric of my family and my life. I’m the third generation in a five-generation legacy of recreational aircraft enthusiasts. My exposure to recreational model aviation helped foster my innovative nature and certainly played a part in my decision to become a high school science teacher. Teachers across the nation use model aviation as a tool for learning in both their adopted curriculum such as STEM and in aviation clubs. There is a high school “drone manufacturing and aviation” course at the local vocational skills center. This program serves students with differing abilities and teaches math, science, and engineering using aviation as the hook to capture the students’ interest. Programs like this across the nation would not be possible under the governance of this NPRM. I’ve now retired from education, and have incorporated recreational model aviation into my retirement planning, specifically with regard to where to live in retirement, the vehicle I purchased in order to carry my airplanes, and even when to retire. I have a substantial financial investment in my recreational model aviation hobby. FAA NPRM 2019-28100 is far and away overreaching and far exceeding the mandate given by congress in the FAA authorization of 2018. As currently drafted this NPRM will devastate recreational aircraft model making operations for me, my family, and my friends. If recreational model aviation is inadvertent collateral damage then the FAA may see the way to preserve this activity which is an important element of our society. My solution is to exempt LOS recreational activities from NPRM 2019-28100.”