, Des Moines

, Iowa

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-15 1:53:35
“I’m fairly new to the hobby I’m learning something new everyday when I take my model aircrafts to the field. I’ve personally witnessed the greatness in people in the hobby, building and designing coming up with amazing things. And the best part is seeing people unite as a community in fly events and shows. This hobby has taught me so much in so little time about the great people in it and the hobby itself. There’s this amazing feeling you get when you build something with the help of this community, you take it and it actually flies like its supposed to. The feeling of accomplishment when you see it in the air and you bring it back down in one piece. As a hobbiest all this news and controversy surrounding the future of the hobby affects me personally like it does thousands of others. As it is there is limited number of clubs in my state and fields to go, my friends and I fly in my family’s acreage but some aren’t so lucky to do this. So we have gatherings in several places in my state with property owners permission to give an opportunity to pilots to gather as a community and share a common love for the hobby. I really wish the FAA would reconsider this whole subject and protect a beautiful hobby that has been passed down for quite some time now, and continue teaching young pilots and future engineers to keep pushing the limit and reach new heights.”