, Kathleen

, Georgia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-15 10:03:12
“I am simply an amateur. I am very new to the hobby, been involved for just over a year. I check B4UFly, Flightradar24 and of course weather before every flight. And most importantly, I follow the rules. I would never fly near the local Air Force Base (nor have a desire to) or smaller airports in my area. It’s common sense that safety be first. I would hate for bad apples to spoil the hobby or for big corporations to buy our hobby away from us. I have always been into building RC’s. Most of my experience is with cars either electric or gas. The knowledge that has given me fueled my passion and understanding of real automobiles. I am a master certified repair technician and would hate for this to restrict our children from being able to do the same within flight.”