, Phoenix

, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-15 10:28:15
“I am a former military instructor pilot and current airline pilot. I was an instructor in the T-37, and also flew the U-2 as an instructor. I would not be here without a long history involved in model aviation. In addition, I’ve been a mentor for our local high school where as part of the STEM programs have helped students build and fly model aircraft. I’ve also used some of my homebuilt, large multi rotor aircraft to carry student built science packages up to altitude to be dropped. These programs which were conducted at the local high school fields would be impossible with the new regulations. In addition, there are a large number of ranchers in the area that have requested me to perform aerial game surveys on their property using long range, fixed wing aircraft that I have developed. These are very rural areas without any kind of network connectivity. The new regulations would totally shutdown the ability for me to provide an economically feasible way to do these surveys.”