, Berea

, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-15 10:01:52
“I started flying model aircraft back when I was 8 at a local park with my dad when he handed me the controller to his firebird 2. I fell in love instantly and it was something that we were able to bond over and afterwards I stopped treating him so bad because we were bonding over model flight. At age 18 when I got my first job I worked hard to build up a sizable chunk of money so I could buy my first plane of my own, a Flite Test Guinea Pig. I poured my heart and soul into making it look amazing ( 20190713230940.jpg ) and fly well and after I finished it I took my dad to the field where he took me to fly the first time and showed him what the model I built was capable of and it made me so happy to see him proud of what I had done. Nowadays I build model planes to relieve stress from work and to bond with my oldest brother because he lives on the other side of the field we usually fly at so we’ll meet up with our latest contraptions and have a blast together watching as our planes fall apart in the middle of the football field cause we forgot to put a strong spar in the main wing. (20190711231433.jpg is a picture of the planes we built at Flite Fest 2019 which was the first time we had bonded in a long time) The field I usually fly in is in a weird cell service deadzone and, if remoteID tech were required to connect to the internet at all times, I would have to find a new field. Also most of my models are barely light enough to fly with the powerplants I put in them so adding additional weight to my LOS planes would prevent me from being able to fly most of them. The only one I would be able to fly anymore would be my giant one (weighs about 20lbs) which I only fly in large open fields with no people or cars to crash into should it lose power. The nearest field I can actually fly it at is about 30 minutes away from my home and I need to ask my friend to borrow his van every time to transport it.”