, Thetford

, Vermont

, United States

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2020-02-15 20:51:58
“I am a high schooler (in 9th grade) who was introduced to the hobby through your videos. My father is a pilot of small aircraft, and also was interested in model aircraft. His legacy of a balsa gasser impacted my developing interest. My research into the hobby through your channel and content, I was amazed how with a dollar of foam, hot glue, and some plans I took from the web, I built an airplane. It was the Long EZ. It was just a simple chuck glider but it showed me the effectiveness of your build techniques, and the true nature of the hobby. After a summer job I purchased Power Pack A and a Tiny Trainer speed build kit. It did not fly for reasons I now understand and laugh at. This experience did not subdue my enthusiasm. I then found the FT flyer. So simple but seeming the perfect starting point, with room for modifications and improvements I was interested in. I easily overcame the challenges I experienced with my Tiny Trainer. I flew around my yard, stunned at what I had created. Since that first success I have brought my father back into the hobby, as well as introducing my grandfather and two brothers. We now have six flying airplanes between us of varying weight classes. I am at the point where I am confident I could build and fly any of the Mighty Minis, after training with ailerons on larger aircraft. I look forward to graduating from the Mighty Mini class. I have had a lot of experience with multi-rotors and can see myself also truly getting into that aspect of the hobby. I love this hobby. I love the community and Flite Test. I am through my school part of the Vex Robotics curriculum. I love it but there is an elegance and exhilaration to fight rivaled by nothing else. I am going to stay with this hobby. The infinite aspects to explore gives me the assurance that I can enjoy the hobby throughout my life. And I know I will.”