, Martinez

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 22:53:19
“My dad helped me build and fly thermal sail planes, when I was 10. I taught my children, I want be there when they teach their choldren. I was lucky I had that kinda father. I see a lot of kids who want to fly but his/her parents are overwhelmed. I usually ways have a trainer and when possible let them try a few circuits, give them pointers, and help them make a good choice on a plane. If I need to add in the need for data plans, remote ID, etc etc heck even my dad might of passed all those years ago. All I can say is come on in this day and age anytime we can get outside for recreation is a good thing. I see young adults who live with me barely leave the house glued to a screen. Let’s not see the end of this. Make it easy FAA.”