, Mason

, Michigan

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 13:13:54
“Flying touches on so many of my interests, from the interest in aviation and making something that can fly, to the learning of the required technology and skills to build and maintain aircraft. I started as a fixed wing balsa RC flyer when I was young as an activity with my dad, so flying also brings memory of times with him. Building and flying airplanes was a part of what led me to a technology career. Flying FPV allows me to experience flying with a much lower level of time and money than being a full size pilot. I have always flown in fairly rural areas away from sensitive areas, and that still do not have good or any internet or cell coverage. If the pilot can be located via cell phone sign in to a service like LAANC and be restricted to a 400′ cylinder, wouldn’t most of the benefit of the proposed rules be met while allowing non-remote id equipped pilots more flight locations? A provision could be added to allow filing of a flight plan location in advance if cell coverage is known to be bad in the planned area. While I appreciate the need for accountability in case of problems, the current proposed rules would not allow me to fly or build and fly new aircraft in any location that is close to me. What is now a hour long flight session that can happen any day weather permits, would take a full day to travel to an approved site. I am also concerned that I will not be able to share this hobby with my grandchildren as they are reaching an age where they could learn from the experience.”