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2020-02-19 13:13:44
“I have been flying model aircraft for over 10 years and enjoy it as one of my main hobbies. I like it so much, I started working for an online RC company a few years ago. My favorite type of flying is FPV and I love it because I get to experience flight without having to pay hundreds or thousands to fly myself. I feel that I always fly responsibly and am very aware of my surroundings, seeing everything through goggles and getting the outside perspective through nearby sounds. I feel I may have somewhat better awareness than a pilot inside a cockpit. Remote Identification would impact me greatly as I have an existing fleet of over 15 aircraft that would need to be retrofitted to comply with the current proposed regulations. I do not live very near to what would become an FRIA and I would fly much less if at all. I would like to follow regulations, but I am not going to place an undue financial and privacy burden on myself in the future just to do so. I do not want to have to pay a monthly fee to a service that tracks my flight, and I don’t want someone with the right access to be able to find me if I am out flying somewhere as it seems like a security risk. Someone knowing where I am in a remote location with hundreds or thousands of dollars in equipment seems entirely too unsafe to take the risk that they would assault me. I don’t mind sharing my general location and would be more apt to comply if I were able to share this info myself. I want to have the control over this myself though and do not want an app on my phone tracking my every move while enjoying flying. Also, having an ID myself isn’t nearly as much of a burden as certifying and retrofitting my current 15 aircraft fleet to all have individual serial numbers and I want to be able to customize an aircraft myself without having to worry if it needs to be re-registered after the fact.”