, Delano

, Minnesota

, United States

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2020-02-19 13:14:56
“I have been in RC off and on since I was 7 years old. I’m older now and I’ve been flying safely for 12 years now.(with no incidents) I try to follow all safety guidelines.I have always liked to work on and create things. To try and make them better than they are, either through modification or upgrades. Model Aviation does that for me. It teaches me so much more about aviation than I already knew. My health was once a major form of stress in my life. Model Aviation was a good way to keep my mind and hands busy. I have new ideas on old designs of aircraft. I’m trying to figure out the best way of building an aircraft that I currently have stored in my head. I enjoy flying Model aircraft. I do so as often as I can. It is a big part of my free time. The FAA’s current proposal is burdensome and unnecessary. The ID equipment to be used has not been invented yet. The FAA’s proposal is based on an imaginary threat, where no risk assessment has been done. Model Aviation Insurance is cheap because they have performed risk assessments. The way this proposal is currently written gives the government, a third party, and anyone else with the right equipment the location, time, and date of children, women and men who fly every aircraft. This is cause for great concern to us all. Anyone who flies can easily be stalked or harmed by predators(the government, third party, or anyone else with the right equipment). The cost of I.D. equipment, data fees, subscription fees, cost per aircraft, association fees, and club fees, on top of what we already pay for our aircraft and equipment are burdensome to everyone. RC Aviation and Model Aircraft is a billion doller industry in this country and around the world.The loss of this industry would hurt the economy and our future. Model Aviation teaches and educates young and old alike about history, science, aerodynamics, thermal dynamics, and propulsion among many other things. If this proposal goes through most of that is gone. Children and young adults are the future of aviation and this country. Their education would be greatly affected by this.”