, Netherlands

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2020-02-13 18:51:35
“ok, I’m going to get a little personal here. You can use my statement but please don’t put it online with my name. Thank you. I am a 38 yo male from holland. I’ve been sick in many ways. Physically I had 2 heart attacks and a stroke, mentally a whole lot more. Depression, borderline personality disorder, add, ptss, autistic trades. As a result I am very socially isolated and developed a (ongoing) addiction to weed. So my life hasn’t been/isn’t a picknick to say the least ?‰ There are not a lot of things that awakens intense pleasure in me. A night with a beautiful lady and smoking weed being 2 of them. You’ll understand that I to pass this for more positive things. And that’s where some real magic happens. I have my dog, I play guitar and fly foam electric planes. I don’t know what happens to me when I do these things. Whether I’m playing a perfect solo on stage or see my plane fly, it feels the same ? flying rc looks and feels so real, so cool. (My health won’t alow me near a real plane as you can imagine ?‰) So I fly as much as I can. Normal or fpv. I get out of the house now. People come and talk to me about the plane. They stay to watch. And one of the BEST things is… can’t (and don’t feel the need to) do drugs. It gives me goals, saving for planes makes me spend less on drugs. I’ve also learned SO much about model aviation, small electronics, aerodynamics, the innovation of modern flight, the history of the real planes and the wars they flew in. Even having to think like a pilot with checklists has worked it’s way in my normal life. it brings me the peace I need to wind down. Out in nature, with my dog and my plane. (This is a looong story, you may edit it if you like ?‰)”