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2020-02-13 18:51:58
“I Have been into model aircraft ever since i was about 5 years old. back then I just started with those little foam Air Hogs planes and by the time I was about 11 I got a Hobbyzone Mini Supercub along with my little brother who was only 7 at the time. My little brother and I were obsessed with our little cubs and flew them any chance we could get. Lucky for us, our family has a farm north of Atlanta where we have a nice grass field to practice on and we would also fly at parks if nobody was around. After I gained experience with my mini supercub, a family friend who was into model aviation helped guide me to purchase my first transmitter (the first gen Spektrum Dx7) which I still use today! Then he invited my brother and I to a local AMA flying field where he gave us a scratchbuilt foamy plane called “Buster”. Buster flew nothing like the 3 channel Mini supercub (Only rudder & elevator) since he had ailerons too. After Buster I got the Hobbyzone Supercub LP Bind N Fly where I bound it to my Dx7 and learned to fly larger models. My little brother and I would go out to the farm and fly our models until we ran out of extra batteries, then we would charge them and go again! Some of my best memories are going to the farm or other creative places and flying these planes with my little brother. We always thought it would be cool to go to a flying club however we were just kids and paying $200 in dues and also having a 45 minute drive everytime we wanted to fly was not as appealing as flying at our neighborhood park. the ability to fly at our local parks was nice because we would go flying on a whim. We would always look out the window to see if the treetops were swaying (Indicating wind) and we would make our decision to fly based off that. Fast forward to current day, I still have buster and the Super Cubs, but I also have a fleet of micros and drones. On top of these aircraft, I built a scratch built plane out of foam-board and it taught me so many things about how these aircraft work and what goes into building them. My brother has a few more aircraft too and we still continue to make memories everytime we go fly. Just recently we got ourselves some cheap FPV equipment and some small drones. FPV has truly re-sparked the flame of enjoyment of this hobby for us. We felt like little kids again just waiting to go fly and only limited by how many batteries we had. I look forward to building and flying more aircraft with my family and hopefully get my father into it too! Lastly for fun I attached an old video we made A LONG TIME AGO so fair warning we were pretty young! The video simply shows brothers making memories (Even if I was taunting him ?) also it shows the field we learned to fly in and still fly in to this day. Most other kids are not fortunate enough to have access to such a field so we are very thankful! the attached picture is of my recent scratchbuild. I wish I could add the video of its first flight!”